Shawna Sommers Testimonials

I worked with Shawna through 2017 on a condo purchase.

Remarkably, Shawna lent her keen and consistent attention through the year that I’ve evaluated different options. She helped me research different neighborhoods and would proactively screen every purchase possibility. We’re not talking a handful options – but hundreds of properties, and several changes in prospective neighborhoods, on a budget that’s barely possible in the current climate. Ultimately, I owe her thanks in securing an offer the day my winning listing came on the market. In today’s climate, every hour counts and she’s thoroughly on the ball and extremely proactive. Shawna’s one of these rare people whose passion for what she does and objective interest in her clients’ priorities set her in contrast to other realtors. When someone with a deep sense of work ethic, integrity and professionalism marries a passion, you get a pro like Shawna. A million thanks to this fantastic lady!

M. Grountseva

It has been a genuine pleasure getting to know Ms.

Sommers, within the area in her area of expertise. Her industry knowledge, seems second to none. With out question, Shawna is driven to succeed, and always puts the needs, and wants, of the client first. She is incredibly down to earth, grounded, and has an amazing energy, that is expensed in working as hard, and as smart as she can, helping her clients make the single, most important purchase of their life. Shawna is a realtor you can trust, simply because she holds herself to the highest of standards, that are exhibited in how she interacts with buyers and sellers. She is the picture of class and professionalism. Shawna exudes, and defines excellence, both personally and professionally. How could one not recommend her, when she is everything a realtor should be.

Bill Ferrier

Shawna was a referral from a friend.

We were going to interview a few other Realtors but when we met her she impressed us enough to choose her right away! We knew she was the perfect fit with our family during the process of selling our home. She was very knowledgeable about the market in our area and was very confident that our house was going to sell. She took care of all the details, was extremely prepared at all times for any situation that could arise. She really made this process effortless and we trusted her decisions all the way. Shawna took the time to listen to our needs as a family and took that into consideration with every decision made. She was always available and updated us regularly with any details or information whether there was news or not she kept in constant contact with us and that gave us peace of mind at all times. Shawna is an excellent real estate agent. James and I will definitely hire her in the future and we highly recommend her to anyone who wants to sell their home fast and effortlessly. She really knew the approach to take when selling our home and always had a plan! She has a great positive attitude and energy and you can tell she really loves this business! Sincerely – James Horan and Lorelei Sawa

James Horan and Lorelei Sawa

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